Dental Implants

Highest number of implant systems under one roof, 25 systems to be precise, cheapest to finest but we are famous for ONE PIECE IMPLANTS and FLAPLESS (minimal surgery/key hole surgery) implants because of 3D Xray machine that we are the only ones to have on chair in the country.

What Is Unique To Us In Implantology ?

We 95 % of times would prefer one piece implants (rest are two piece implants i.e. they have a screw between two parts of the implant). This screw or even other modality called Morse Taper hasa tendency to loosen from time to time putting patient at great unease, repeat appointments, screw breakage which mostly requires cutting of the implant which leads to great loss of bone around the implant and an extended complicated surgery

However, two piece implant gives advantage of the doctor of correcting the angle later as the second piece can be placed at an angle from zero degree to 33 degree. Our clinic is equipped with 3D x-ray which allows us to take a 3D image of the implant during the middle of the treatment which is not possible even in a CT scan also. This allows us to adjust the direction of the one piece implant during its placement.

Looking for a quality and affordable dental treatment


Less Discomfort: Patients experience minimal discomfort, especially during a flapless procedure.

Reduced Chair time: The one-stage surgical procedure reduces chair time, saving the patient time, expense and discomfort.

Immediate Function: An esthetic restoration can be achieved immediately, providing patients with immediate gratification.

Reduced Bone Loss: The Osseo conductive implant surface and the immediate function protocol reduce potential bone loss at the alveolar crest.

For providing better support to our patients our team of doctors are available 24 hours a day on call for meeting emergency dental requirements of our patients. We understand our patients concerns about the Cost of Dental Implants in Zirakpur, India and for this we offer multiple payment options. Some of the options are cash, chaque, credit card and part payment as the treatment progresses.