Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers

These are Dental Veneers which are fabricated in porcelain.

When the patient walks in for porcelain Veneers the dentist has to roughen/shape the poter surface of teeth after which a set of very precise Impressions/moulds of the teeth are made and sent to the lab.The shade of the venners is also decided by the dentisty in conjuction with the patient and sent to the lab. The patient is thus sent home with a set of temporary venners on the outer surface of teeth if needed.

The lab creates a mock up of the Veneers and sends it to the dentist who approves it and gives the lab the go ahead.

In the Second appointment the Venners are fixed on the surface of the teeth using special resins meant for the purpose. After affixing the laminates the excess  resin is removed and outer surface is polished for any resin residues.

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